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Jumped Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
Told in 3 POVs - this is the story of one girl getting jumped in her high school for the most innocuous offense. When Trina cuts through Dominique and her friends early in the morning, Domnique, already infuriated by the fact that she was benched from her basketball team decides to jump Trina at 2:45 p.m. when school ends. Leticia witnesses the episode - and though excitedly tells her friend - does not warn Trina or go to the authorities to try and prevent it.

The action moves very slowly - taking us through the girls' day in school. The final jump scene is just pages from the end and the scene itself is a bit muddled and incoherent. It took away from the horror of such a scene.

In addition, the 10 page follow-up to the jumping leaves readers quite blah, because in the end - no one (except maybe Trina, the victim) has grown. Dominique has no remorse. Leticia is still spoiled and reveling in the action, but never wondering if it's wrong.

This is a book that has so much potential and fell very short. One thing Williams-Garcia did manage was to truly capture the voices of urban teenagers.

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